Fallible Catholic Magazine

America, a Catholic magazine, recently ran an ad featuring a statue of the Virgin Mary wearing a condom over her head. When readers saw it, they were outraged. The magazine has since apologized, claiming ignorance.

“We were embarrassed to have readers call our attention to the offensive advertisement that escaped our unknowing eyes and appeared in the December 5 issue … The offense was compounded when we learned in the advertiser’s reply to a concerned reader that he had intended his art as an assault on Catholic faith and devotion.

“We have taken several steps to tighten our advance review of advertising and express our outrage to the artist.”
The problem came about because America’s editors only saw the ad in black and white before it was published, and the condom was not as evident, according to the magazine’s associate editor, Rev. James Martin.

“When our ad person saw it in black and white, she didn’t see anything,” Martin said in a telephone interview. “When I got the magazine in color, I noticed the ad, I thought it was a little odd, but we regularly get ads for all sorts of strange religious art.”

I’m sure he’ll now have to apologize for calling other ads “strange religious art.” Nice one. That’ll settle em down real good.

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