Original King James

An original first edition, first printing volume of the 1611 King James Bible has been found at the University of Manitoba.

Sweeney [head archivist at the University] says certain typographical irregularities – such as the use of the word “he” instead of “she in one specific place – prove the book is not just an early version, but the original first edition, first printing. Only about 50 first edition, first printings of the King James Bible exist in the world. Others have sold for more than $400,000 at recent auctions, Sweeney said.

The Bible also comes with a card that claims the Bible belonged to King James I himself, but that has not been verified yet. The University of Manitoba plans on selling it on eBay to raise money for women’s lacrosse uniforms.

OK, I made that last part up.

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  1. Probably not. Even if the Jesus image wore off, you would still find a function for it. Retains a high resale value, like a pickup truck.

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