Your Best Wife Now

Joel Osteen, author of “Your Best life Now” and pastor of 30,000 member Lakewood Church, was kicked off a plane after his wife got in a verbal disagreement with flight attendants.

“She failed to comply with the flight attendant’s instructions, and they were asked to leave the flight,” FBI spokeswoman Luz Garcia said. The flight was delayed for more than an hour while the Osteens’ luggage was retrieved, Garcia said. The Osteens took another flight to Colorado, where church spokesman Don Iloff said the family was skiing Tuesday.

Iloff said Victoria Osteen stepped into the jetway to talk with the flight’s pilot and other personnel while her husband and children remained seated in first class. Joel Osteen and the children later left the plane to join Victoria Osteen, who suggested the family take another flight.

So much to say but how to say it.

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