Fat Pastor To Help Disaster

A 378-pound pastor from Wausau, Wisconsin has decided he is going to walk to Florida to raise money for the Jesus Care Center in Pensacola, FL and for the Salvation Army.

The Rev. Travis Russ of Victory Family Worship Center in Mosinee, Wis., acknowledges his size has people questioning his plan, but he expects his bulk to attract even more attention to the cause.

He said God gave him the idea for the walk, given the plight of so many hurricane victims, especially children. “I prayed about it, and I knew that (God) was working something within me.”

Sort of makes me question this whole “wisdom of God” thing. The real reason any guy would walk to Florida from Wisconsin has to do with winter I think.

Seeing as how I’m only a 175-pound pastor, me walking to Florida would not be impressive so I think God has told me that everyone should give me Oreo cookies so that I can become a 378-pound pastor and then I can walk to Texas. Come on now, you don’t want to let down God. Where’s my cookies? Don’t you have faith?

2 thoughts on “Fat Pastor To Help Disaster”

  1. Makes me wonder, What kind of pastor gives up his church to walk to flordia? How exactly is he going to live, pay his mortage, support family, etc. while he’s doing this?

    Perhaps he should just stay at his Church, cut back on fast food, and donate all the money he would have spent doing this to whoever he was trying to help.

  2. Fund-raising activities always seemed weird to me. Like last night I bought two candy bars from a kid to support his basketball team. The candy bars are smaller than most and cost $1 each. Why not just ask for $1 instead and save the trouble?

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