Anti-Itch Reminiscing

Oh man, I kill me. I read a bit more of my paper. Dying to share more with you. The next part of the paper is writing about what I learned about myself the past semester being Spiritually Formed.

I also learned that I have had an exceptional doctrinal training. I knew this before but am even more convinced of it now. Most of my opinions on doctrine and how they should be lived are a minority here. Because my views are a minority here, I know that I must be right. I have very little trouble, compared to many classmates and professors, defending my views and being pleased with the lack of inconsistency within them.

Then there’s this bit, which just slays me.

As a side note. I am currently cleaning the library every morning. There are exactly 86 signs in the library which say not to eat or drink in the library. 86. You can count them, I did. Yet every day there is food and drink all over the library. Why is this? Perhaps the sad condition of the church is a reflection on the sad condition of it’s leaders. If the leaders don’t follow rules, how can the church? Just a soap box item there.

2 thoughts on “Anti-Itch Reminiscing”

  1. *laughing*

    If your goal had been to get a good grade, honesty was NOT the best policy.

    However, truthfulness in this case is extremely entertaining.

  2. Good grades were never that important. Having as good a time as possible making others look stupid was.

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