Why Your Church Is Dispensational

The fact you have a Church proves it. You don’t think so? Consider the following: Where did Adam and Eve go to church? Where did Noah go to church? Where did Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph go? Where did Moses go? Where did Israel go? Where did Jesus go to church?

Throughout the ages man has done different things to worship and learn about God. Adam walked and talked with God. Noah spent some time hearing God’s blueprint for a floating box. Moses got a burning bush. Israel went to the tabernacle followed by the temple. Jesus spent time with his followers wherever he felt like it.

The concept of “church” is a dispensational distinctive. If you are not a dispensationalist, then you better start walking and talking with God, building big boxes to float around in, talking to burning bushes, going to the temple, and talking and walking with Jesus. You have to do all of those now if you don’t think there are distinctions in God’s program.

If you don‘t do any of these, you just might be a dispensationalist, whether you want to admit it or not.

5 thoughts on “Why Your Church Is Dispensational”

  1. I found your blog today when searching for the word “dispensational” and it was quite refreshing…my husband and I are discouraged by the lack of dispensationalists that we are finding in the blogosphere, but you are obviously one. I personally like this post and your attitude here!

  2. Thanks Rose! I am a dispensationalist, as is everyone else! But I actually know what it means, defend it and believe it is the only way the Bible makes any sense at all. I’m glad you enjoyed the post, makes it all worthwhile. I too was discouraged with the lack of blatant dispensationalism in the blogosphere so I thought I’d add my two cents into the mix.

  3. God bless you brother Jeff,

    My desire is very similar to yours in propagating the correct rendering of biblical truth. It’s nice to have companions.

    your in this dispensation,

    brother John

  4. A good post. I am a Dispensationalist, but a weird one, because I am Post-Tribulational.

    God Bless

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