Christian Football Picks: Week 3 Update

Many of you are probably confused right now since the first CFP has come up wrong. Never fear. The score of the picks is not really God vs. sinners. It’s the Christian’s judgmentalism that is being tested. God is always right. Christians aren’t.

But God is trying to help us be better judgers by giving us hints as to His ranking of priorities. Like today, St. Louis, beer manufacturers, beat Tennessee, the country music purveyors. Now, Christians generally are more judgmental about beer than country music. But God wants to set us straight.

Now we can know for sure that country music is more or less of the devil, whereas beer, may not be all that bad. Lets remember, last week rock music beat beer. So, with this new knowledge, Christians can now start judging accordingly:

Not All Bad: Rock music
Bad: Beer
Of the Devil: Country music.

Let us all learn our lesson and adjust our judgments as necessary.

Correct Christian Judgmentalism 3
Incorrect Christian Judgmentalism 1

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