Famous People

I am currently reading The Fifties by David Halberstam. It’s about, um, the ’50’s. He details the happy surface of the 50’s that is covering a very turbulent time, which will explode in the 60’s. I just read a chapter that included brief biographical sketches on two people you will recognize, can you guess who they are? The answer will be in the comments.

1. A quote about one of this person’s foster parents. “Jesus is supposed to be forgiving, but they never mentioned that. He was basically out to smack you in the head if you did something wrong.”

2. The following describes this person’s parents. “Their Christianity seemed to him a cold, emotionally sterile one, separated from all pleasures of life. His grandparents were pious Nebraska farmers, and theirs remained a God-fearing home: There was no drinking, no swearing, no smoking. Sunday was for church.”

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