Who’s In Your Church?

A man arrested for 10 brutal murders, known as the “BTK Serial Killer (BTK–Bind, Torture, Kill),” has written a letter to his church thanking them for their support and prayers. The pastor of this church has visited him several times a week since his arrest in February.

All of that seems fine to me, that’s the kind of people who need a church, no doubt. Here’s the kicker–the guy began his killings in 1974, right about the same time he became a member of his church. Not only was he a member of his church during this time, he was an usher and president of the church council.

Ah yes. Let’s be careful out there. It also begs the question–how much of your church involvement is merely a conscience relieving activity?

Packer Bashing Ahead

An Oshkosh woman has been arrested for stealing more than $3,000 from a labor union. The judge handed down the following sentences, a two year probation with a 90-day jail term or donate her Packers three game season ticket package to the Make A Wish Foundation.

Now this is a no brainer–fortunately as we’re dealing with a Packer fan. Obviously she does the jail time. Packer fans don’t have anything to do but break the law for six months of the year. She serves her 90-days and it’s football season. It’s perfect for her really.

Then she gets to go to three games to watch Bret Favre throw 15 interceptions, leading her to more crime giving her even more to do next off-season. It’s perfect really. And who better to get drunk, a rabid Packer fan or kids dying from cancer? I’ll stop now, I could go on. . .

If this were in Chicago, a judge would give the option of doing jail time or having to go to a Bear’s game. And that’s a tough choice right there. I’m an equal opportunity criticizer.

Mystery Worshippers

A UK web site, Ship of Fools, used Sunday, April 24 as a day to send out undercover worshippers to 80 churches in London. These mystery worshippers will report back to Ship of Fools to let people who normally don’t go to church know what goes on in churches.

Sounds kind of interesting. They are still waiting for all the reports to come in but you can read a few of them already.

The Problem With Safety

Economist Joseph Schumpeter made the observation that cars travel faster because they have brakes. In other words, since cars are equipped with something that allows them to slow down, they can go faster. If you didn’t have brakes you’d be hesitant to go much above 15 mph.

Anytime a safety is in place we can be more careless. People with insurance take more risks than those without it. It’s been proven that bikers who wear helmets get in more wrecks. Feeling safe makes you take bigger risks.

What if God answered all your prayers the way you wanted Him to? He’d be the ultimate safety. You’d have a party and let God clean it up. I, for one, am glad God doesn’t answer all prayers the way we want Him too!

Jeff Weddle’s Reading

Jeff Weddle just finished reading Bob Dole’s new book One Soldier’s Story. Jeff Weddle thought it was OK but this one soldier really doesn’t have all that exciting of a story to tell. Jeff Weddle thinks that Bob Dole’s tone was a little off in the book.

Jeff Weddle thinks Bob Dole is a nice guy and maybe Bob Dole just had trouble talking about himself and came across spoiled and kind of wimpy. But Jeff Weddle still liked the book and still likes Bob Dole.

Just What We Need

In John 17 Jesus is praying out loud to His disciples before leaving for the garden where He will be betrayed. In closing His prayer Jesus says, “And I have declared unto them thy name, and will declare it; that the love wherewith thou hast loved me may be in them, and I in them.”

The Love the Father has for Jesus is what Jesus wants His followers to have. Now that sounds great, it sounds happy and comfy, but look at what the Father’s love led Jesus to do! The Father’s love lovingly created a plan that led to the Son being mercilessly killed. Oh great, that’s all we need is the Father’s love for us!

Perhaps we get the wrong notion of love. The Father loved the Son by having the Son come and die for us. The Son loved the Father and did it. That love is now in us. The love of the Father is not given just so YOU can enjoy it. The love of the Father is only truly enjoyed and used when you use it for the benefit of someone else.