Global Healing

Buddhist monks are doing a Mandala–sand painting–at the St. Louis Art Museum. This is where they take colored sand and make pretty designs out of it. They will work on it all weekend and then sweep it up on Sunday.

Now that hardly seems right to spend all that time and then sweep it up. That’s one of their main points. “It symbolizes the impermanence of all existence. Also, it tells us lessons of nonattachment” says their spokesman.

After sweeping it up they will give some of the sand to the observers and dump the rest in a body of water. Dispersing the blessed sand gives people a remembrance of the occasion and it also is intended to spread the blessing. “Then, it becomes a global healing.”

Please. Come on. Give me a break. The art is very neat and the patience and self-control to refrain from sneezing is nothing to scoff at, but global healing? Perhaps they’ve set their sights a bit too high for their endeavors. I kind of think that Jesus returning and killing all the heathens is a better way to get global healing, but that’s just me. Oh, and the Bible too.

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