Blast From the Past

Tammy Faye is back in the news. Tammy divorced Jim Bakker back in 1992 when their PTL “ministry” blew up. Tammy is now battling cancer and this has led to the loss of her trademark eyelashes. But that’s OK for Tammy because “I realized I wasn’t just eyelashes. A person is more than just what you look like on the outside.” She said as she also admitted that she now glued on false ones.

Hmm. You’re more than eyelashes but not so much more that you don’t need to glue fake ones on. Ah, I see your point. To top it all off, Tammy said these remarks at beauty pageant where she appeared as a celebrity judge. The pageant was a fund raiser for cancer and judged men dressing up as the most beautiful woman. It just gets better and better. You’ve come a long way baby.

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