Nain And You

It’s funny what scripture chooses to tell us and what it emphasizes. There are lots of people in the Bible who are never given names, Noah’s wife for instance. Who are these people and why do they get left out?

It’s also funny how the Church has gravitated to certain people and stories to the neglect of others of equal importance. Read Luke 7:11-17. Does the city of Nain ring a bell to you? Ever heard of that one? Apparently I have because I had things underlined in this passage. But when I just read it, I had no recollection of this event in my brain.

Perhaps the reason we don’t emphasize this miracle is that none of the people have names. We all know Lazarus, but what if he were just called “the brother of that woman with the perfume.” We then wouldn’t remember “the story of Lazarus” we’d have to remember “the story of the brother of that woman with the perfume.” Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

It’s amazing how much of the Bible we miss! Or maybe, it’s amazing how much of the Bible I miss. Maybe you have pictures of Nain hanging in your living room. Well, if so, that’s why the body has many members! Perhaps between all of us we’ll get the gist of God’s Word!

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