Here is the home page of the Audubon Society named after John James Audubon. Among other things, Audubon liked to kill birds. There used to be huge flocks of passenger pigeons in this country and Audubon and many others would go out and just start shooting into the huge flocks of birds, killing hundreds. Passenger Pigeons are now extinct.

Now the Audubon Society wants money so other birds don’t go extinct, which is fine but seems highly ironic to me. It would be like me killing thousands of cats in my life and then having a cat conservation group named after me. I haven’t killed any birds in my life and no one named a bird conservation group after me.

Speaking of birds, if you’ll notice there are many more birds singing outside now. Yesterday morning I heard chickadees, goldfinches, crows, and a pileated woodpecker and for Northern Wisconsin, that’s pretty good for a half hour in January. I didn’t shoot any of them either.