Every once in awhile a guy can dream, right? I think so. This year, July 29-August 1 is the Hall of Fame weekend in Cooperstown where my boyhood hero Ryne Sandberg will be inducted to the Hall. Boy oh boy would I love to dump my kids off on someone and take off with my wife to Cooperstown for that weekend. That would be pretty cool.

I went to the Hall of Fame when I was in high school and I thought it was one of the neatest things our family ever did on vacation. However, no one seemed to want to dilly-dally there as much as I did. I remember I bought a huge glass mug there and about four months later the bottom of the mug fell off. I’ll be a bit more discriminating as to what I buy if I go again. Maybe I’ll go this summer. Anyone want to watch three charming, always well-behaved children for a few days?