Surah 3: The Family of “Imran

verse 28 “Let not the believers Take for friends or helpers Unbelievers rather than believers.” This verse makes it hard to do much in life with other people. It is interesting that Christianity proclaims love for our enemies and patience towards unbelievers and having a good report among those on the outside. Islam just wants nothing to do with them except, of course, killing them.

verse 37-45 Mary is from the family of ‘Imran who gives birth to Jesus Christ. He mixes together several biblical references in these verses talking about the birth of Christ. Zakariya is Mary’s husband or protector, he goes mute for three days as a sign that Mary will have a son–in the Gospels this sign is referring to the father of John the Baptist–Mary is not called a virgin but a woman who is barren.

verse 59 Jesus was made from dust, good to know.

verse 79-84 I believe he’s saying here that if anyone is faithful to the truth he will not ask people to worship him. When Christ tells people to worship him this must be someone changing the truth in the Book. Verse 84 makes it clear that Jesus is just another prophet, not someone equal with God or worthy of worship.

I’ll stop at verse 100.

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