A Texas “law-maker” wants to make schools record students body mass index on report cards. If kids are “too fat” their parents will be given information telling them how to make their kids less fat.

I find this completely insulting as a parent. As if I wouldn’t know my kid is fat? As if I need someone else to tell me my kid is fat? As if schools were created to tell people what they already know as opposed to teaching them things. Maybe schools are having so many budget crises’ because they’re doing so many other things besides teaching. If you look at the article you see a picture of this Texas “law-maker” and it’s not real surprising to me that 1) the law-maker is a woman (Read: over-protective mother) and 2) she appears to have a body mass index of the prodigal son’s homecoming dinner main course.

I’m getting real tired of people, particularly government people, telling me how to raise my kids. It doesn’t take a village, it takes me and my wife so back off.

Thank you, I feel better now. They’re all just lucky I belong to a religion of peace like my Muslim friends.

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