The NBA is getting lots of press right now, almost to an annoying degree. The common consensus is that the NBA is made up of a bunch of spoiled kids who come from a culture of violence and we should understand that this violence will make its way into the games.

Well that doesn’t seem to work for me for some reason. Hockey seems to have a lot of fights in it, including some that involved fans, including some that involved criminal action. Baseball had a few scraps with fans as well. Soccer has always fostered violence in Europe, primarily because the game is too stinking boring to keep fans attention on the field. But come on, give the guys a break. This was one incident started by one guy who got carried away and had fairly good reason for doing so. They’re all getting punished. Move on.

There is an article on Christianity Today with John Wooden, written before this latest fight, but still giving a good balance to the often poor press these guys get. The amount of poor press on these inner-city youth may be chalked up to stereotypes and racism more than facts, but that’s just my opinion.

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