Even when the Cubs are out of action, they still have an impact on baseball playoffs. The Cubs have the Billy Goat Curse which effects them in the playoffs and effects any player who is in the playoffs who has one time or another been on the Cubs.

Several years ago I heard a guy do some research and came up with what he called “The ex-Cub Factor.” What he did was take all the playoff teams and rank them based on who had the most ex-Cub players. Without fail, the team with three or more Cubs never won the world series! In fact, on a search on the internet I came across the original article! Now, I always thought that was kind of silly and probably just one more piece of anti-Cub propaganda, until I started paying attention to it myself.

Yesterday the Houston Astros beat the Cardinals 6-5 by scoring a run in the 8th which won the game. The pitcher they scored off of was Julian Tavarez–he played for the Cubs for several years not too long ago. Yup. Boston got blown our on Saturday but at a crucial point in the game, when it was not yet out of hand, Boston brought in Curtis Leskanic who gave up three runs, five hits and only got one guy out before he was yanked. He used to pitch for the Cubs. So, as far as my recollection goes here’s how they line up.

Red Sox 3

Yankees 4

Cardinals 2

Astros 1

So the winner of the World Series will come out of the national league this year, write it down. Now, these could be off because I’m doing it by memory but I think that’s pretty close. Just thought you’d like to know. You fans of other teams, you just don’t know what it’s like.

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