In John 6:47-67 Jesus talks about how He is the bread from heaven and all believers need to eat his flesh and drink his blood. This comment has caused more trouble in the church than probably any other biblical comment, out side of “I am the way. . . no one comes to the father but by me” and “thou shalt not covet.”

This comment led many critics to say that early believers were cannibals. It also has led to the “doctrine” of transubstantiation–communion elements are the literal body and blood of Christ. Also, in the very same passage, many of Christ’s disciples left him right then when they heard what he said!

Why would Christ say something so hard to understand? Why would he say something so difficult to grasp and so weird sounding. I mean, read it sometime, it just sounds weird. I might have left too.

The Bible contains many hard things and I believe one of the purposes for those hard things is to see who will still hang in there. Who will go on faith, not intellectual ability to figure it all out! Who will trust in the Lord and use His mind to discern the truth. Who will study as a workman to grasp the truth. The truth contains many things hard to be understood. The problem is not with the truth, it’s with us and our willingness to push through it and understand the point of truth.

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