After reporting on Jimmy Swaggart earlier, I felt it necessary to make a clarification. Perhaps it seems like I only report bad things about fellow Christians. I suppose the reason for that is that only bad things make the news. But I wanted to clarify what I am doing.

I am not endeavoring to pile on or kick people when they are down. My purpose is to show the stupidity of self-righteousness and hypocrisy. I will fully admit that I am a sinner who also happens to be a pastor. I am not setting myself up as above these other pastors who fall. My point is to make us aware that we’re all sinners, even when we try to act like we’re not.

It’s a crucial warning for all believers to remember at all times–you can blow it at any second. No man should think higher of himself than he ought. It’s also vital to not put anyone on a pedestal and shape your life after them, as they are fallen as well. “The head of Christianity is Christ; keep him there” is my basic point.

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