Luke 14:15-24 contains a parable about a great supper and how the guests all make up excuses to not come. It’s a parable to show the extent to which people pass on the benefits of salvation because they have “other things” to take care of. Looking at the excuses it seems they are the following:

Excuse One–Verse 18–I bought some land and have to go look at it. This is the excuse of materialism–we have stuff we have to go look at or play with or use so we don’t have time for spiritual service. Seems to me this guy should have looked at his land before he bought it as well!

Excuse Two–Verse 19–I bought some oxen and I have to train them. This excuse has to do with work. We’re busy, we have to work so we make a living so we can pursue excuse number one.

Excuse Three–Verse 20–I married a wife so I can’t go. This excuse is either the fact that this guy married a hyper-controlling wife! Or, more accurately, has to do with putting family before the Lord. Although it seems that family is the ultimate trump excuse, it won’t fly with God. Verse 26 makes God’s point rather clear on this issue.

Verse 27 and 33 make the cost of following Christ obvious and plain, not something which is hidden. There is a personal cost to following the Lord. I don’t think these things prevent us from being saved necessarily but they will get in the way of being effective with what Christ gave us. These three things are probably the main excuses for people not getting saved but they don’t stop once you are saved. It’s a constant battle. What’s your excuse? How do you deal with it? Are you sick of this line of discussion yet?

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