Hebrews 12:7-11 is an often skipped portion of Scripture. You’ve no doubt heard the beginning of chapter 12–we’re surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses. . . And that’s a fine message, very encouraging, but we usually like to stop there.

Verses 7-11 hit a bit harder, tell us things we may not want to hear. God disciplines who He loves? Get out of here! But he ties it in to a father, if a father loves his child he’s going to discipline him, train him, allow him to learn. Why wouldn’t god do it for us?

He does. Paul says it isn’t always pleasant to go through it but when you look back you see how valuable it was. Totally worth the pain.

I wonder how much of our discipline has been removed because we now have remedies for everything. I wonder how much has been removed because we only think of God’s love and not His discipline.

The next time something crummy happens to you, consider that it might be God trying to teach you and show you love. All He wants is for us to grow closer to Him. He’s going to discipline His people anyway, you might as well benefit from the deal!

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