Reading Place of Trust which is a compilation of sermons by Martin Luther edited by Martin Marty, who was named after Martin Scorcese. Not really, he was named after Martin Luther, no seriously, he was.

Anyway, there are three sermons which are all dealing with how the believer is to trust God. he bases all of his sermons on the Sermon on the Mount. I have yet to read anyone on the Sermon on the Mount that seems to hit it.

In my opinion, the Sermon on the Mount is Jesus’ attempt to show people they can’t make God’s standard of righteousness. When he talks of not worrying about food or clothes because God provides for nature, I think he is submitting an impossible proposal, one no person could possibly do.

That being said, it’s still God’s standard and should certainly maintain a high part in our Christian thinking, it is our aim. However, we’ll never make it, which is why Chirst had to die–so we would measure up. So, what I’m saying is Matin Luther wishes he knew as much as me!

OK, not really. What I am saying is that Christ’s point in all his preaching was to show how much we need Him. If all he said we could do, why would we need him? Now that we have Him, we can measure up and the things he speaks of can be a reality in Him.

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